Frequently Asked Questions

Are your produce locally sourced?

Yes. We believe in supporting local farmers and small businesses.

Are you fully Halaal?

Yes. We are 100% Halaal.

Is Sabria's owned by the original founders?

Yes. Sabrias is still owned and run by the original founders and family.

Do You Offer Gluten Free Food?

No, we do not but will be considering this option in the near future.

Do You Offer Vegetarian Food?

Yes, we are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Are You Open On Holidays?

Yes, we are open on all holidays.

Are You Open In Ramadan?

No, we are closed during the entire month of Ramadan and wish all our customers that observe the month to have a blessed one.

Are You Open On A Friday?

Yes, after 2pm we are closed. Breakfast is closed on a Friday.