Delicious and organic made


Delicious and organic made


Served with your choice of cream or ice-cream.

Cold Beverages

Delicious and organic made

Hot beverages

Delicious and organic made


All curries are served with raita, sambals and a choice of basmati rice, roti or paratha

Vegetarian Curries

All Curries Are Served With Raita, Sambals And A Choice Of Basmati Rice, Roti Or Paratha

Sizzzingling Steaks

All Grills are served with your choice of potato fries, sweet potato fries, potato wedges or mashed potato

All steaks are served with basting sauce mild, Tandoori hot, masala spicy

Sizzling Grilled Buns

Served in a bun with potato fries & onion rings.
[also available as a sandwhich]

Sabrias Speciality Buns

all sizzling chedddamelt burgers served in a bun with potato fries & onion rings


seafood is served with your choice of Potato wedges, sweet potato fries, potato fries, mashed potato or spicy basmati rice


your choice of tagliatelle or rigatoni pasta in a delicate creamy sauce, With a hint of chilli